Heckle and Jeckle pin

Found this Heckle and Jeckle pin on a rural caching adventure at a beautiful old mill. I remember these crow characters from my childhood Saturday cartoon days. 

Sun Moon Book

Saw this interesting pocket book in a large cache today. So nice to find a watertight cache large enough for big items. 

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Ryan Carpenter, webmaster of the Atlas Quest letterboxing site, has given us a heads up that he plans to decommission all Virtual Letterboxes sometime in the new year (2015). So I’m starting this Virtual Letterboxes blog to store my Virtuals and keep them in play. The WordPress site has a password option on pages. I’m using this feature to create passkeys/passwords that will unlock the handcarved stamp reward. Here’s Ryan’s message:

Deprecating virtuals October 12 2014

So far this year, there have been 2 virtuals listed, and a grand total of less than 1,000 finds on all virtuals. (Over half of which were by just one person.)

And I’m starting to think I should just nix them completely. AQ is such a large, sprawling website right now, I’m looking for ways to “cut the fat,” and it seems to me like virtuals are biggie. The database tables for them are huge, the images AQ stores for them is still one of the largest disk hogs on the server, and I could cut out thousands of lines of code that would no longer need maintaining or fixing.

It just seems like a pretty big hunk of fat at this point.

I don’t think I’m ready to completely deep-six the feature, but I’m inclined to “deprecate” it. Scrub the public links to virtuals, for instance, so they aren’t as readily available to find. Turn off the ability to add new boxes. Then turn off the ability to record finds and just leave them as logbook pages. And eventually remove even those.

Thoughts? Is there anyone even left who cares about them anymore?

— Ryan

Throw down

These are a few pictures to show Mouse Troop. Their letterbox with a handcarved stamp of a roasting marshmallow on a stick went missing. Someone replaced it  with a store bought stamp in a freezer baggie.  I had assumed that this was the original letterbox but it turns out that it’s a throw down.

033 030a 031 031a

2 cute kids demonstrating what letterboxing is about.

$3 Lock&Locks at Walmart